Spice Up Your Sex Life with the Calendar Method

A little over a year ago, I asked my wife, “How many times do you think we have sex in a week?” “Three times”, she said. I laughed, “No way! More like one to two times!” Our intimacy and sex life have been an area in our marriage that we are constantly working on to maintain and grow deeper. It hasn’t always been easy to do with work, kids, and life filling our plates. So we started what we call the “Calendar Method” to keep us accountable to our goal of having sex at least three times a week. We started this “Method” in January of 2018 and have been doing it ever since. Any time we have sex we put a little pink heart on the calendar that day. We now have a full calendar and a half of little pink hearts. It’s cool to be able to look back and actually see all the love you shared, and even cooler to actually see on paper the commitment of intimacy that you both have shared as well. Love is the highest frequency. The quality and consistency in which you share it with others is a big part of your overall health.

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