360° degree run is one of my favorite running routines. It involves all parts of the body and its always changing so it doesn’t get boring. It goes like this:

Start by side skipping real gentle and slow leading with your right leg. Count 10 skips, then turn 180° and skip 10 times using your left leg. Then run backwards counting 20 steps. Make sure you pick your heels up toward your butt while extending your leg backwards, and looking over your shoulder. Once you get comfortable looking over one shoulder backwards try looking over the other one. Then, turn around and jog, trot, run, or sprint (whichever you prefer) for 40 steps each leg. While doing this, pull your belly button in, keep your hips extended and your glutes firing, and stay over your center of gravity with your upper torso. Make sure you are keeping your shoulders relaxed. Try not to tense up. If you want an added awesomeness, try keeping your mouth closed and breathe through your nose the entire time you are working out.

Repeat this routine to your desired intensity.


Your unevened hip, tight hamstringed friend


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