The other day I found myself with no car and stuck at home. I had a client in 30 minutes and my gym is 3.9 miles away from my house. If I was going to make it on time, I would have to leave now or order an Uber. I heard my little brother’s voice in my head about getting “soft” for not running to work easily. I grabbed my phone, laced up my shoes, and out the door I ran. Panting, and feeling very tight and out of shape, I made it most of the way with 10 minutes to spare. I was pretty proud of myself. I ran as fast as I could for as long as I could. I woke up the next day nearly crippled. I could barely put any weight into my step without cringing in pain. I grabbed my MOBIPOINT massage balls and stood on them (one under each foot). OMG , pain level rising!! Deep breath. Relax. Deep breath. Move your hips around. Deep breath. Once you feel the pain decrease a few levels then move on to the next spot. Do at least 3 sensitive spots. Wow, after I was done I could walk semi normal, it didn’t hurt as I moved, I had increased range of motion and decreased pain everywhere. What a simple trick to reduce aches and pain. It also prevents things like plantar fasciae and calf strains. It improves organ function, and promotes a healthier arch.

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