Shaun Fitzgerald is the owner and creator of 15 West; an anti-aging, holistic, training
gym in Orange, CA. His clients range from NBA players like Terrence Drisdom who played for
the Memphis Hustle, Pro Spartan athletes like Mark Batres, members of the Anaheim Ducks ice
girls to fire fighters, policemen, aspiring youth, and to grandparents who want to continue to
keep up with their grandchildren. As a certified personal trainer (CPT) and corrective exercise
specialist through NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine), a CPT through NSCA (National
Council of Strength and Conditioning Association), and a CPT through NCSF (National Council of
Strength and Fitness), Shaun’s objectives with each client are to help them become a more
functional, more sustainable, better performing form of themselves. He is an advocate for
physical and emotional health, since what is happening on the outside is just a mirror of what is
going on, on the inside. His intention in training is to preserve the functionality of the human
body and bring to light blind spots in our lives that might be hindering our bodies (and our
minds) from working as well as they could be.

Outside of the gym, Shaun worked as the head creative fitness director for a 2016 Puma
commercial. From 2013-2015 he worked for Wellness Studios. A wellness consulting company,
where he lectured, taught, and trained employees in the workplace on the topics of wellness
and fitness. In 2015, Shaun created and competed with the “Men’s 15 West Elite Team”
resulting in a 4 time, 1st place victory throughout Spartan races across California, Utah, and
Arizona. Shaun’s gym, 15 West, has been in business since 2007. It his here that he has built and
lead a community of clients and friends that support and challenge one another. Shaun studied
at California Polytechnic University, Pomona where he majored in Kinesiology with an emphasis
in Sports Medicine and Health Promotion. At Cal Poly, Shaun focused on Track and Cross
County and was an all-conference athlete. Prior to that, Shaun started his training in high school
as a physical therapist’s aid. While in high school, he excelled at sports. He was awarded MVP in
soccer, football, cross country, and track his freshman through senior years. He still holds 9
school records in cross country and track.

Shaun’s unique movements and exercises are created and designed by him based on his
extensive understanding of anatomical kinesiology, physiology, and physical therapy. He is able
to engage multiple body systems (ie. strength, balance, fast twitch, flexibility, cardio, brain
function) in a single exercise, which shortens workouts, yet expedites results. Training with
Shaun is a whole body, whole mind, and whole wellness experience. He looks at fitness through
an anti-aging lens. Though your body is capable now, will it be just as capable for the quality of
life you want down the road? This is the backbone of Shaun’s training. To aid in the
functionality of your future self. Not only does Shaun have a clear understanding of the body,
but he has an innate gift of healing that has allowed him to facilitate results in his clients such
as: reversing diabetes, lowering blood pressure, fixing joints that surgeons said could not be
repaired, and rehabilitation to surgery patients who had no results with previous orthopedists.
At one point, Shaun was able to help his client prevent a heart attack. Shaun had noticed that
his client didn’t look right. He stopped the session immediately. He insisted that his client get a
heart scan prior to continuing their training. The result of the heart scan was that his client had
an 86% blockage in the “widow maker”. These are just a few examples, of how in tune Shaun is
with his clients and with the body itself. Shaun is committed to his clients having the life they
want in mind, body, and soul. Fitness is the vehicle that he uses to coach, but the coaching is for
the whole person, not just their body.
Shaun is a husband and a father. He and his wife own 10 acres of land in the San Jacinto
Mountains of California. It is here where he is continuously making a space for creativity and
anti-aging. He believes the wellness of the whole body starts from within. That your emotional
state on the inside, dictates your appearance on the outside and overall health. This means that
silence and solitude, meditation and prayer, stillness, play, working with your hands, and
feeling the earth between your toes are all just as important for wellness as sprints, squats, and
chest press. Shaun encourages his clients to seek these other forms of “exercise” in their
everyday lives to aid in their growth as a person and to help preserve their functional bodies.
Shaun practices what he preaches. Real wellness is not something that you compartmentalize
and work on only while you’re at the gym. It is a way of being all the time. It is YOU. Shaun lives
this. And so, he is able to walk along side his clients, encouraging and challenging them to be
well themselves from the inside out.