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So me and my wife Kate have a date night every Tuesday night. Depending on whether or not we get a babysitter for our daughter, date nights often end up being “stay at home” date nights where we do something out of the ordinary. Last night we wanted to go get massages, but we wanted to save money too, so I suggested massaging each other. Kate massaged me first, we set a timer for 20 minutes. It was so wonderful, so relaxing. 20 minutes was just enough time to really enjoy myself. I then gave her a 20 minute massage. She looked so relaxed as she got up slowly, and then I said, “I’ll trade you 10 more minutes for 10 more minutes?” She smiled, “Ok”, she said. It was nice to break up the time because 30 minutes straight feels like a really long time to massage someone, but 20 minutes and then 10 minutes makes it a lot more doable. I recommend with the last 10 minutes to spend extra attention on the places that you noticed were tight in the first 20 min. Breathe deeply as you infuse love, flow, and healing into your partners body. Put on some good music and just feel each other.

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